The Perfect Horse

"The perfect horse is only a model that exists in our imagination… The wise selection consists of avoiding the serious defects and looking for how to complement the not so serious and slight defects."

Miguel Angel de Cárdenas


Pura Raza Española - P.R.E. - Pure Spanish Horse

Official documentation for Purebred Spanish Horses. There is only one official stud book for the PRE managed by ANCCE in Spain.

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Click for large imageAre you searching for an Andalusian horse?

Where better to start your search than from us here in the heart of Andalucia. We find and produce horses with the best bloodlines. We want to find the horse with that special "WOW" factor. If that is the horse that you are looking for, then please browse our horses for sale.

Click fo large imageThere are many websites to be found in your search for a Spanish horse. You will not find hundreds of horses on this site because our horses are selected for their quality. Our team are all experienced producers of these fantastic horses.

We offer horses which have been carefully produced to various levels.

Prices are reflected by breedlines and level of training. Elite Andalusians will export to any part of the World

The P.R.E horse

Sarah Jane Click for large image"Pura Raza Espanola” (P.R.E) Pure Spanish Breed, is the correct name for these beautiful horses. Often referred to as the Andalusian

The Passport for the PRE is produced by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and ANCCE, and it is the only documentation that guarantees that the animal is a Purebred Spanish Horse .